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California is often referred to as the “sober living capital of the world.”  With only 25 days of rain per year, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles is the heart of this hub.

“People sometimes have the misguided notion that rehab or sober living is some sort of vacation when, in reality, it’s anything but that.  Sure, it’s important to take time away, but the goal is to examine the behavior that got you into trouble in the first place”, says Larry Luttrell, founder of the Liberty House Sober Living Home in Los Angeles.

Finding the right sober living home is not always the easiest decision, notes Luttrell.  “We offer a free consultation to help place people in an appropriate sober living home.  Sometimes people are a great fit for our house and other times we refer them to local homes.  The most important thing is that people reach out for help.”

Luttrell, who is a recovering addict of over twenty years, believes strongly in long-term care.  “There are a lot of rehab facilities that detox people for 30 days and then they’re on the street when their insurance is up.  Our goal is to create an affordable, long-term solution for people.”

The notion of long-term care is not exactly new.  Depaul University recently released a study that found people who received long-term care were far more likely to be successful in staying sober than those who selected thirty-day rehab options.

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