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Los Angeles Sober Living

There are plenty of locations and opportunities for people in search of sober living homes in the greater Los Angeles area.

It goes without saying that not all sober living homes are created equally.  There’s a wide spectrum in terms of cost, quality of staff, and quality of the home itself.  They key to a successful sober living home is to find a caring staff that will challenge you, yet make you feel safe and comfortable while recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Staying in a Los Angeles Sober Living Home
Addiction Treatment and Chemical Dependency Professionals stress the importance of long term client exposure to recovery and addiction treatment. Alcohol and drug addiction studies have shown that the chances of achieving long-term sobriety are greatly increased by an extended stay in a sober living home that offers 12 step support. If a client forgoes an alcohol and sober living home, the result is all too often a return to social alcohol and or drug abuse, thus leading to further costly addiction treatment hospitalization.

Liberty House affords the drug, or alcohol dependent time to acquire the necessary skills to effectively transition into a healthy sober lifestyle and return to work while residing in a structured environment that the Liberty House sober living home provides. Liberty House provides our residents time to build and participate in a 12 step support group and learn to apply the 12 step recovery program appropriate to their chemical dependency treatment.

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