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Finding a Sober Living Facility

People sometimes have the misguided notion that rehab or sober living is some sort of vacation when, in reality, it should be anything but that. “Residing in a rehab or sober living home is the time and place to examine the behavior and perception that got you into trouble in the first place”, says Larry Luttrell, founder of the Liberty House Sober Living Home in Los Angeles.

Luttrell, who is a recovering addict for over twenty years, believes strongly in long-term care. “I started working in recovery in 1990”. “We were keeping residents in the house for up to a year, and the success rate was incredible”. “Six months seemed to be a turning point for residents and those that made it to that time period in the house went on to graduate and remain clean and sober”. Sober Living Homes are affordable for out of pocket expense and provide families with a long-term solution that has proven itself to work for loved ones suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction.

“Back then the major treatment centers and hospital programs were only keeping people 30 days and then discharging them to sober living homes and home”, says Luttrell. “Many said, despite our success, that we were keeping residents too long and they needed to move on. Nowadays they are doing the same thing, and are finding that long-term care works best”.

The notion of long-term care is not exactly new. DePaul University recently released a study that found people who received long-term care were far more likely to be successful in staying sober than those who selected thirty-day rehab options.

What do I Look for in a Sober Living Facility?

Structure: Both houses believe in a more direct approach to sobriety and recovery. They teach their residents to accept themselves as they are and begin working on themselves from there. Family members are encouraged to participate in recovery related activities as well such as attendance at their own 12-step meetings to address their issues.

Location: Liberty House is located in the upscale Century City area of Los Angeles between Beverly Hills and Westwood. Its residents obtain work and begin to integrate themselves back into mainstream society. Built on 70 acres of gentle rolling hills and woodlands in the Lake Cumberland Region of Kentucky the residents of The Liberty Ranch are able to relax and focus on themselves. It provides its residents with the setting and support to focus on developing a 12-step program of recovery appropriate to their chemical dependency in a very serene and comfortable environment.

Cost: Both facilities are affordable for families to pay out of pocket. Neither accepts insurance, and sliding scale fees are available. Please call to find out more. *Contact us To learn more about sober living housing, please contact us for a free consultation by sending us an Email: or by calling us Toll Free today: (877) 368-4258.