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Sober Living Houses

A sober living house is a terrific opportunity for people looking to live in a secure, drug free environment. Many people who stay in sober living homes have outside jobs and can return home to a comfortable atmosphere living with people that have the same common goal.

 Whether you stay in a house for a 30-day stay or for one year, it’s important to find a sober living home run by caring and seasoned professionals.

Larry Luttrell, founder of Liberty House in Los Angeles, has been working with people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction for over twenty years.

 “It’s important to find a sober living house where structure is of the utmost importance.  We’ve tried every possible treatment solution, but found that nothing works better than long-term treatment with strict adherence to the twelve-step philosophy” says Luttrell, who has been sober for over twenty years.

“All of our staff is recovering addicts.  It’s something we’ve struggled with and won.  We’re able to pass on this experience to our clients.”

Luttrell’s sober living residents spend their time in group sessions, one-on-one raps, and community outreach sessions.  “One of the greatest benefits of living in a sober living home is meeting a nucleus of people that are in the exact situation.  It’s a great chance to make life long friendships”, he remarked.

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