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One of the most important aspects in a finding a sober living home is the environment. We’ve selected the Liberty Ranch in Kentucky and the Liberty House in Los Angeles to compare and contrast. Structure: Both houses believe in a more rigid structure, remaining close to the philosophies of the twelve-step program.

Location: Liberty House is located in the upscale Century City area of Los Angeles between Beverly Hills and Westwood. Its residents obtain work and begin to integrate themselves back into mainstream society. Built on 70 acres of gentle rolling hills and woodlands in the Lake Cumberland Region of Kentucky the residents of The Liberty Ranch are able to relax and focus on themselves. It provides its residents with the setting and support to focus on developing a 12-step program of recovery appropriate to their chemical dependency in a very serene and comfortable environment.

Cost: Both facilities are affordable for families to pay out of pocket. Neither accepts insurance, and sliding scale fees are available. Please call to find out more. *Contact us To learn more about sober living housing, please contact us for a free consultation by sending us an Email: or by calling us Toll Free today: (877) 368-4258.